Wednesday, May 16, 2012

206.2; My Rings

In 2007, my night star wish came true.  The love of my life asked me to marry him.  About 9 months later we both got dressed up and said our I DO's and we're been married ever since.

My honest admission is that when I opened that ring box, I was sure that it wasn't going to fit me.  In fact I was scared to put it on.  I got even more nervous when you told me that it was a 6.5 size.  I wear a 7! my head shouted.  I hesitantly tried it on and it did fit. 

In the time since then, I've gone from that ring fitting really really tightly to just right.  But now?  Now is mostly fits like this:
My engagement ring and the two wedding bands.
See how crooked it is?  See how far up on my finger it sits? 

I was never one to wear my rings down close to my palm.  I don't like them tight, I like them loose enough to be a the meaty part of my finger.  So when the rings were tight, it was uncomfortable.  But now I have the opposite issue.  Mostly they rest where you see them.  And that's on days when it's humid/warm out.  When it's cold or I'm in my over air conditioned office, they could easily slip off if I'm not careful.  When I ride the motorcycle, the rings float around my finger and twist.  They separate and get all jumbled up.

I went in last week to ask the jeweler about them.  Because the shanks are so thin, I can have them sized only once.  So I have to be choosy about when I do this and it has to be forever.  Have I told you how naked I feel without my rings?  I waited so long to marry my soul mate that I don't like looking down and not seeing his promise on my finger. 

So in the mean time I think I need to invest in something like this ring sizer or ring guard. 

Anyone else go through weight loss and care to share what you did?

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