Friday, April 06, 2012

211.2; The Plan

As you can see from my word cloud, there have been previous plans.  Some I stuck with, many I did not.  I have greater luck sticking to plans when I visually see them each day.  This is my current plan:

Sorry it's so pixilated!
There is a class at the Y called Body Pump that I am in love with.  Cardio plus strength training.  Perfect for me.  I used to do it each Monday and Friday and then put cardio at various times throughout the week.  Now they changed the Monday and Wednesday morning Pump class to Ripped.  It's more bouncing (which in the past has caused feet issues for me), but still cardio and strength.  I'm going to make April my month to try it.  If it doesn't work I'll have to use some of my old workouts from my trainer to help with strength.

My intake goals are 3 meals a day of about 1 to 1.5 cups of food, mostly protein.  1-2 snacks (1 onuce of cheese, protein pudding...).  64 or more ounces of water a day.  Getting at least 8 ounces of milk with the protein powder in it.  I'm usually pretty hungry feeling (not necessary hunger pains) when I work out.  I may have to adjust my plan when I'm working out most days of the week.

I started out the month at 210.2 (my plan has a error!). My goal is to be 200 by 5/1/12.  It should be attainable if I sustain my workouts and my eating habits.

I know there aren't rest days in there.  I will work those in.  I'm still trying to get back into working out and using my abdomen, so my rest days are likely going to end up coming when I feel I need them, not scheduled before hand.  For instance I ended up resting on 4/3/12.  I had a temporary clown Monday night at the dentist.  Which for me requires muscle relaxers and pain medications.  I was zonked out at 4:40am when my alam when off for the gym Tuesday morning and didn't go.

Things to note about this month:  I had a follow up call from the insurance to see how I'm doing 4/4/12.  They want to make sure that I'm following what the doctor tells me to get the results I want.  She was pleased with where I was at and will check in again in July.  I have a meeting with a dietian on 4/18 to go over the foods and amounts I'm eating.  And most importantly I have my first *possible* fill appointment on 4/25/12.

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