Friday, March 09, 2012

"You better get your favorite foods in."

This is a statement from one of my coworkers about my impending surgery. 

Now to be fair, she has a Lap Band herself.  She had it placed about 7 years ago and lost a lot of weight and has kept it off.  She has problems with heartburn and chews Tums like it's candy.  I laughed and admitted that I made Pete go to PF Changs on Wednesday night because I was craving salt and Chinese food.  Then she shared the things that she craved after surgery.

After we got back to working I kept thinking about it.  What would I eat if I knew that I wouldn't be able to eat it for a while?  Well actually I've been through this before.  In my late teens and twenties I was having issues with my TMJ.  At that time the thought was that surgery will correct it (which is completely opposite of the thinking now and I regret having so many surgeries).  After each one I couldn't chew for 4-6 weeks.  Then I could add soft foods back in for a few weeks, then resume my foods as tolerated.  I remember the night before surgery my mom would ask what I wanted and she always made it.  After surgery I learned how to do things like suck on an Oreo until it was mushy so I could swallow without chewing.  I circumvented the no chewing.  I will say that I lost usually between 20-30 pounds during those periods.  Without that I'd likely have been much bigger.

So I ask again, what would I have, knowing that I can't have it for a while?

Donuts.  I've been craving a fried donut for about 6 months but haven't given in.  I'm afraid that I'd start having them every morning from the gas station if I indulge once.  So I haven't.  But I may eat one prior to surgery.

Buckwheat pancakes from Original Pancake House and bacon.  I can't eat the whole plate, but I love the taste and texture of the buckwheat.

And beyond that, nothing.  Really.  After PF Changs the other night Pete wanted ice cream so we stopped at Cold Stone Creamery.  I got the small cup.  I couldn't even eat half of it.  It was way too rich and filling.  A year ago I'd have sucked that cup down and licked it out.  But after sharing entrees and desserts with Pete for the last year and watching what I eat and how much, I've become used to that.  Oh don't get me wrong, I'm sure I could polish off a huge slice of moist white cake with creamy buttercream.  But event hat is sounding less and less like something I want.

Is my brain changing just in time for surgery?

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  1. I follow people who are on certain diets and say, "I can't wait until I am off ___ and can have ___ again." without realizing that those "splurge" foods are what made them so unhealthy in the 1st place. Garbage in, garbage out.