Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pete & Michelle: Unpplugged

Friday morning at 5 am Pete and I were headed here:  Gunflint Lodge.  We unplugged.  There was no internet or cell phone service within an hour of the lodge.  Nico cashed out in the backseat on the way there:

It was heaven.  I spent lots of time with my Nook and A Child al Confino looking at this:

The book was awesome. I've really been into biographies and real life stories lately.  The book was a freebie from BN that I heard about online.  It was haunting and funny and at times very sad.  But it is a great reminder of how the human spirit can overcome.

We had our own cabin and the view out the main window was this:

Right beyond the trees is Gunflint Lake.  There is a walking path between the window and the swing that takes you to other cabins or the lodge or down to the lake.  The snow drifts were perfect Nico playing areas and he loved going on walks and sniffing for all he's worth.  Pete and I loved bundling up and heading out to walk hand in hand.

My first blog video!  The lodge requires that you help feed nature in the winter.  So we would bring back big lunch sacks full of corn and dried seeds for the deer and the birds.  Pete decided to put the corn about 6 inches from the window and see what happens.  The deer came, Nico barked to protect us and the deer were gone.  But we kept trying.  Eventually Nico wouldn't bark, just whine a little and watch them.  It was cute.

The lodge has a wonderful restaurant.  The food was awesome considering it's in the middle of no where.  And the staff was very friendly, helpful and knowledgable about the area.  Pete and I asked question after question and they were all answered.  The owners even cam over during dinner to talk and welcome us there.
That's the view of the lake from my table at lunch. 

Unfortunately we had to head home Sunday.  I told Pete that I felt like we ran away for the weekend to hide and didn't want to return.  No internet/cell phone really forced us to relax and connect with each other.  We sat in front of the fire at night watching movies, cuddling and talking.  Really talking.  I'd suggest this to anyone. 

As we headed home, Pete had to drive about 3 hours in this:

Whiteout conditions along the North Shore.  Superior had 10-15 foot waves hitting the shore when we drove past several areas.  By the time we got to Duluth the snow had all but stopped. 

We've decided we need to unplug more often.


  1. Totally inspiring, I seriously need to grab my man and run away.