Thursday, February 23, 2012

...connected to the hip bone...

The other night Pete and I were cuddling and I was shocked to feel his hip bones.  Not that I didn't think he had them, but I hadn't really felt them before.  They were hard.  I mean, of course they were hard.  But they were prominent and hard.  I commented that I was shocked.  He said to me that someday soon I'd have them too.

Last night I went downstairs in my sleep shirt to let the dog out.  As he was prancing through the snow, I stood at the glass sliding door watching him, my hands on my hips.  My left hand felt something and I though man, I have muscles in my core.  Proudly I thought about all those strength exercises I did to build them.  Then I pressed inward and puffed my tummy out to feel the muscle better.  But it didn't give.  It was rock hard.  It occurred to me that it was bone.  Hard bone.

I have hip bones.  I smiled in the dark and kept feeling them.  Both sides.  I could feel the top of my hip bone, just forward of my sides.  I called the dog inside and ran up the stairs.  When I got to Pete I told him to feel my side and looked at home.  He too told me that I had hips and smiled at me.  Then he reminded me of the night not long ago when he told me I'd feel my hip bones too someday.  No they are no where near prominent, but they're there, waiting for me to reveal them.

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  1. Aww, I love this! Yes, one day soon! :-)