Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A little freaking out

So Pete and I spent the weekend cuddled up with each other and the dog.  We shared every meal we ate so there was no going over on portion sizes.  We did some walking in the snow, but it wasn't the 5Ks that I had been doing all week at the gym

Monday morning I got up with a killer migraine.  Actually it started Sunday while leaving the Lodge.  I believe that I am allergic to reality and my brain decided to make sure I understood that.  I spent half the ride home sleeping off the migraine medication.  Then once home, I had a small dinner of some beans and toast and went to bed.  Monday morning the migraine was still there.  But I got up and started my morning routine thinking I could outsmart my head. 

Two things occurred.  One, my head won the contest of pain vs outsmarting.  Two, I weighed myself and found a 4 pound gain.  I was both hurting my my head and do frustrated and disappointed.  Then I was freaking out about it.  Considering I need to lose that 4 pounds to qualify for the surgery.  Oh and my weigh in date in Monday 3/5. 

So I naturally took more migraine meds and headed back to sleep.  Because at that time I could not deal with both things at the same time.  I spent Monday in my dark bedroom with the ceiling fan going, the furnace vent closed and the door closed.  The cool, almost cold dark room and sleep is what seems to help my migraine.

Tuesday morning I woke up with the after effects of the migraine.  While feels like a hangover from medication - I'm tired, feel a bit weird, my head is heavy and I could have easily stayed home another day.  But I didn't.  I got up and went to work.  Albeit, I was a crabby lady.  I had to apologize to Pete and really think about my words the rest of the day.  Somewhere along the day I decided that I needed to head to the gym after work.  And as we all know, me and the gym in the evening don't mix well.  But I was determined.

I spent and hour on the treadmill at the gym.  I was extremely hot, sweaty and tired at the end of it.  But I did it.  I kept telling myself that I did it.  I think that mantra makes most anything better.  I slept wonderful, all worn out and tired.  Then I got up this morning and went back to the gym.

The result?  I'm down about 2 pounds from yesterday.  Realistically I know that my 2 workouts did not accomplish this.  I think the moving and the exercising and returning to regular eating at home helped me.

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  1. Good for you! You are inspiring.

    I've been trying to drag myself to the gym, but it is difficult. I know once I get there I'll feel better...but it's another snow day. Tomorrow!