Monday, February 06, 2012

It's one of THOSE days

  • I went to bed late and didn't sleep very well last night.
  • The sauce from my lunch leaked out all over the inside of my work bag and it now smells like vinegar.
  • My soy milk exploded in the kitchen at work when I opened it for my cereal.
  • I forgot my cell phone at home and Pete had to bring it to me as I am expecting a call on it.
  • My insulated coffee mugs have been dripping the sauce every time I tip them up for a sip.
  • My contacts are either very dirty or dry or something, because they are fuzzy and I have to keep blinking to clear them.
It's one of those days.  I sucked it up this morning thinking that it can't get worse and I can make it.  However, when my contacts started getting the hazy film after about 1 minute that requires me to blink a several times to clear them, then repeat FOREVER, I had about had it.  My next thought was that I deserved chocolate or something.

REALLY?  I deserve chocolate?  For what?  What part of chocolate will solve those issues above?  None.  What part of chocolate will make those issues go away?  None.  What part of chocolate will make it all better?  None.

So here I sit, no chocolate, blinking away.  But thankful that I can fell the feeling of a crappy day, blink my eyes several trillion times and realize that food is not the answer.


  1. Yuck! All those things suck. I'm so sorry your having a bad day. I hate those. Good job on not going for the chocolate though. That takes A LOT of willpower! Way to go!

  2. I've had a few of those days myself! I hope the rest of your week has gotten better :)