Monday, November 07, 2011

Cold? Flu? = MIA

So I spent last week in bed.  Pretty much all the time in bed.  I had a cold/flu/sinus issue thing that knocked me down for the count.  And just when I was feeling a bit better I had to go in for my flu shot and a whooping cough/tetanus/diptheria booster.  That knocked me down for the count again on Friday afternoon and night.  I think I'm just starting to feel ok today...other than the very sore tetanus arm.

Pete and I are having holiday card pictures taken by Jessica Fleming Photography next Monday.  So yesterday I went searching for something to wear.  I always intend for our photos to turn out like the photos on here, but usually end up with something not so good looking.  Just once I'd like to have a flattering photo of both of us where my hair isn't standing on end or I have a half open mouth or something.  I love how everyone coordinates, but isn't matchy matchy. 

Pete is so not a button down kind of guy and I want us both to be comfortable.  So I bought him this shirt in black (his favorite color):  Black Henley to wear with some dark jeans.

Then I went to searching....  It was hard because I'm between the plus sized clothes and the misses sized clothes in most stores.  I found these:
Green V-Neck to wear with a cami and some sparkly silver & green jewelry and jeans
Cowl Neck Sweater to wear with dark jeans, a diamond circle necklace that lays on my collarbones and dangly earrings
Blouson Shirt very similar to this with dark jeans and I have no idea what to wear for jewelry...

But after thinking about it, I have a grey & black dog and therefore we'd all be grey and black...weird?

I also have one of these shirts that is primarily white with some black, some navy blue spots and some green spots in it that I've worn with dark jeans, a black elbow length cardigan and some silver jewelry. 

Decisions, decisions.  The only thing I do know is that I'm praying that the middle aged pimples that I've been getting lately ease up for the pictures...

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  1. Dressing for family pictures is always so hard. To match, or to just blend? Decisions Decisions. I am sure your photos will look stunning no matter what you end up wearing! Just have fun with it!