Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Yay! I'm sick! (tongue in cheek)

From the call I received I believe that I have sleep apnea.  Why do I only believe this?  Because the scheduler would tell me nothing.  Just like the nurse at the sleep study.  She simply told me, as an answer to every question, that I'd be meeting with the lung specialist and the Cpap fitter specialist in November. 

So I called Pete and said both of the following:

1.  Yay I have sleep apnea!
2.  I have sleep apena and occassionally have an obstruction when I sleep.

Number 1 is good because it means that once they confirm this I will qualify for the surgery.  Number 2 is sad and happy in that I now know why I feel so horrible when I try to sleep and why I keep Pete up at night.

So I see the specialists later this month and I havbe a call into the bariatric surgery center to see if they received my results so that I can schedule an appointment to actually talk to the doctor this time.

Strangely I'm not as overjoyed as I thought I'd be.  Just accepting.  I haven't quite processed why.  I can only say that I still feel like there will be something to hold me back.

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