Monday, October 17, 2011

Sporatically Posting

Is sporatically a word?  Hope so.

It's been almost 90 days since I've tried the gym. 
I've been eating okay.  More whole foods and less boxed/packaged food.
I've been struggling with getting my water intake and my skin is going nuts because of it.
I've been more active around home because of the puppy and cooking more.
Life is still stressful.
Work is nuts right now.

I think I'm on a healthy living hiatus.  I'm in limbo still until the sleep study is done and I can figure out my next step.  I'm kidding myself when I say that I'm not gaining weight.  Because in my mind I know that I'm losing some of the muscle I gained and likely gaining fat.

I have to admit I never thought it would be like this.  I thought that I'd make changes, do them for a period of time and they'd stick.  They'd become habit.  And while some things have, not all of them stayed obviously.  Do I miss the gym?  Yes and no.  Do I miss counting calories and fat grams and all that?  No.  Do I miss the feeling that I have when I leave the gym after a good workout?  Yes.  But it's not been enough to motivate me to workout. 

I realize that I'm placing a lot of pressure on this sleep study.  A lot.  And it's either going to go really really wrong or really really right.

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  1. Hey Michelle -
    I want to send you an email offline. Would you email me at ann at twelve-in-twelve [dot] com? Talk soon :)