Friday, September 23, 2011


I feel in limbo lately.  Pete was at the gym yesterday and our trainer asked him if I was ever coming back.  Pete told him that I'd be back, eventually.  I love that he has such faith in me and my journey.  I love that he has this faith even when I don't.  I guess it's truly a sign of a loving husband.

My limbo comes from not really knowing what to do next.  I have to wait for the lung specialist appointment on 10/5/11 to see if I can have a sleep study done for apnea.  Until that time I don't know what to do?  Do I workout again and possibly let my BMI drop more and have more issues with insurance?  Do I just maintain like I have been?  Do I try to gain the 10 pounds that will allow me to qualify? 

On a good note, Pete and I celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary Monday.  We've got plans all weekend to hang out with each other.  Saturday morning we're going to the Oktoberfest at the Mill City Museum.  Sunday we're going out to dinner to celebrate that and the fact that Pete got a job!  Yay!  It's another contract to hire, but I'm so very prayerful that it will be a forever thing this time.  Monday after work we're headed down to Centennial Lakes to walk around and sit in the amphitheater where we said our vows.

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