Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Worst Fear

Sunday I talked about my worst fear.  And like I said, it's not even really my worst fear.  My worst fear, the one that instantly brings tears to my eyes, is that something happens to Pete.  I am so tied to him in every way that the thought of not having him instantly brings me to tears.  I don't think about that very often.

My worst fear right now?

I won't qualify for gastric band.  Either the program or my insurance won't qualify me.  I'm anxious and nervous and left kind of in limbo for right now.  I almost feel like this is my last chance to get some of this weight off and get truly healthy. 

So when I whispered this to Pete and took a deep breath in...and he replied that we'd deal with it then, it was the best answer ever.  The most calming supportive answer.  The answer that I needed to hear.

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