Monday, August 01, 2011

I'm Back!

Ahhh.  Sometimes it's good to unplug from the interwebs while on vacation. 

Since Pete and I couldn't go on the motorcycle trip as previously planned, I planned other things for myself while on vacation.  I spend a day tearing everything out of my kitchen and cleaning it from top to bottom - scrubbing walls, floors, counters, appliances, cupboards...  In the end it looked like a brand new kitchen and my goal is to keep it that way for at least a week (lol) even if it means I'm following Pete around picking up after him.  I spent another day tearing apart both bathrooms and doing the same deep cleaning.  Again, I'm determined to have them look that way for about a week.  The only rooms that I didn't get deep cleaned were our bedroom and the living room.  Soon though...

2 of the days I spent with my niece/nephew.  It was a tradition that I always took Alison out for a day with me around her birthday.  Only I slacked off the last couple of years.  So this time I took Alison out for a day and Grant out for a day and let them pick what we did.

Grant and I in the car.  We were going to breakfast.

Grant wanted to see where Pete worked so we headed over there.

Angry Bird was a hit.  The bird did everything that Grant did that day.  EVERYTHING.

Grant put my riding boots on and got on the playground motorcycle that someone gave Pete.
Grant was easy.  We went to breakfast and then headed to the bookstore to pick out some books.  He chose activity books and a big coloring book.  Then he found the angry bird and was in LOVE.  It was comical how much he loved that thing from the start.  The rest of the day was easy - he wanted to lay in our big bed, on Pete's side and watch the big TV.  Did I mention that I really hate Spongebob?  I watched 2 hours of it...  Then we played at the park and it was time to go home.

Alison wanted a pedicure - so we both got one!

In the car after our pedicures.

Painting ceramics - the other thing she wanted to do.
Alison was harder in that there were specific things that she wanted to do and they all cost lots of money.  We talked about picking one thing each time, not several and she also got to choose some books from the bookstore.

I love spending time with them.  But I gotta admit that they wear me out physically and mentally.  After the second day with a kid, I fell hard asleep about 9pm and slept for 12 hours. 

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