Friday, July 22, 2011

??? Suzie Homemaker

I'm on vacation.  Yay!  No work until 8/1/11!

I didn't weigh myself today.  Not because I was worried or didn't want to, but because I forgot.  I vaguely remember kissing Pete goodbye at 6am and then falling asleep.  When I woke up it was 8am.  I went down and got coffee started and started in on my to do list.  I have a bunch of things that I want to get done in the next week.  Deep cleaning and organizing and decluttering.

I worked on my to do list until noon and then headed out to run my errands and Pete's errands (see - Suzie Homemaker).  I came home and started dinner and Pete and I ate. 

I love days like this.  Days where I get things accomplished.  And although I didn't go to the gym today, I was moving ALL DAY.  So it's good on both fronts.

About the gym...I did something with my foot.  On Tuesday night during training with my trainer, I did mountain climbers.  I think it put way too much pressure on the balls of my feet.  I intended on running afterwards, but after about 10 minutes, my feet hurt.  Every time I took a stride on the ball of my left foot it hurt.  Immediate afterwards my toes would go numb.  I had this issue before, but solved it by getting good shoes.  Usually my shoes last me a good 12 months.  My shoes are only 8 months old, but after looking at the soles, they're pretty worn in the ball area.  So I'm going to try different shoes tomorrow and hope that the pain doesn't return.  If it does I think I need to either try new shoes or see a podiatrist.

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