Wednesday, July 20, 2011

240; Things That Make Me Feel Better

1.  Drinking lots of water.  I feel more hydrated, perkier in disposition and less hungry.

2.  Eating salads.  Somehow, knowing that I ate a head of lettuce (not really, but almost) along with veggies and cheese and some dressing, I feel better.  Almost as though I can feel the veggies fuel my body.

3.  Eating homemade baked sweet potato fries instead of purchased french fries.  They have more flavor and they make me happy because they're comforting.

4.  Pulling the drawstring on my capris tightly and having lots of extra "string" leftover when I tie it in a bow.  I feel like my waist has shrunk when I can do that, whether it has or not.

5.  While wrestling with Pete last week he tried to pinch my shoulder area and couldn't.  He couldn't because I was flexed and I have built up so much muscle that he couldn't get anything to pinch!!!! (true story)

6.  Making my own iced coffee.  I cold brew coffee by taking 1/4 pound of coffee and 2-4 tablespoons sugar  in a large bowl with 4 cups of water and sealing it up for 8 hours; shaking or mixing it 2-3 times.  Strain the grounds out through 3 layers of cheesecloth and a large fine mesh strainer.  Put into a sealed pitcher and in the fridge.  When it's time to drink:  Add ice to a large glass; fill 2/3 with coffee and 1/3 with unsweetened soy or almond milk.

7.  Falling asleep with the wisp of the ceiling fan on my skin and the heat of Pete's right hand touching the small of my back.

8.  This blog post. Because it just makes me giggle something fierce and laughing is good for your soul.

9.  Riding my motorcycle OR riding on the back of Pete's motorcycle while giving him a shoulder rub.  Good therapy.

10.  New make up in cool colors.  The new purple eyeshadow, the sea green/blue toenail polish and the brown lengthening mascara makes me feel pretty.

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