Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Evening Workouts and Eating

Okay, I need some help.  For the next 7 weeks I have Monday night workouts with my new trainer.  I'm so a morning workout girl.  I think that morning workouts rock for several reasons:  I'm more motivated fresh out of bed, it makes my day better, I workout better/longer, I have more energy and I can actually commit to not being busy then.

Only Pete and I are sharing a trainer.  I head there right after work and my workout is 5:15(ish) to 5:45.  Since Pete isn't working, he takes the 30 minutes before me.  So, uh, what do I do about dinner?  Last night we ended up going to Subway across from the gym and bringing it home and eating.  It was good.  I intellectually crave light meals after a workout because it seems strange to workout hard and counteract it with a heavy meal.  After eating, we decided to head back to the gym and use the spa and the sauna.  We ended up there until 8 and by the time we got home and settled in, it was 8:30.  By bedtime at 10pm I was a bit hungry.  I ate some nuts.  I woke up at midnight and my stomach sounded like there was a herd of dinosaurs in it rumbling around.  I was H.U.N.G.R.Y!  And I woke up starving this morning.

So what do I do?  How do I combat this hunger?  Or do I just live with it?  My hunger button is off naturally because I wasn't listening to it for so long when I was just eating whatever, whenever.  Is this what it's supposed to be like?

If it helps, in the future, Pete and I would like to workout until 5:45 and head directly to the spa/sauna for 30 minutes afterwards and then eat something. 

I'm welcoming any ideas!

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  1. I always eat a filling snack before the workout - apple with pb, orange and string cheese, yougurt and nuts. And then I prepare a quick dinner afterwards - chicken and rice and veggies, egg white omlette, soup and salad. It sucks eating late, but that's usually what ends up happening. Imagine if you ALSO had your am workouts?!?? I would LOVE to workout 2x/day!!