Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I haven't updated on Pete in a couple of weeks.  Partly because I was worried about him.  Partly because I didn't know what to say.

What I can say is that he was getting really obsessive about continuing to lose weight, despite telling me that he was happy with his weight.  He was working out every day - 2 hours - running and then some weights.  He was obsessed about food consumption and back to asking me every meal if he was over eating.  He wasn't sleeping at night.  He had decided to start sleeping while I was at work, being up with me in the evenings to do things and then up all night while I was sleeping.  He said that he felt like he was going crazy from being at home by himself all day getting rejections from all the applications that he was sending in for jobs.

When he started thinking about changing his sleeping patterns for his mental health, I knew that this was serious.  I know that people think unemployment is a joke and people abuse it, but there are just as many people who use it as it should be and struggle.  Pete is that person.  He is caught between not getting the jobs that he can do because there are so many people out of work with more school/experience to fill those jobs; and not getting the lower jobs because employers were afraid he would leave right away.  He has a log of over 400 applications in the last 6 months.  Some of the applications are small and done in 15 minutes with a resume attached.  Some of them were over 3 hours of questions to answer plus a resume.  It really does become a full time job to find a job.

Yesterday Pete called me at work about 5 with news.  He was offered a temporary to permanent job through one of the temp agencies he was registered with.  AMEN.  AMEN.  I could hear the excitement in his voice.  I could hear his smile and his relief through the phone.  I could sense that he was calmer and more himself again.  And I was reminded that I will never be given more than I can handle and I need to believe in the power of believing. 

So no 4th of July trip and likely no Annual Run with the motorcycle club to Michigan later this summer.  But I'll take the sanity of my husband over any trip.

Congrats honey.

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  1. Michelle!!!! That's great news!!!! Congrats to Pete!!!!