Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Therapy

I think I had the perfect storm take me over on Tuesday.  I was hormonal (more than usual), frustrated, upset, angry and a whole host of other emotions.  I went home and cried to Pete.  I needed him to listen and just be.  He kept asking me if I was going to snap out of it.  Not meanly, but matter of fact.  I tried to explain that I was overly emotional and I couldn't just snap out of it because of the hormones.  But true to nature, he is a man and really doesn't understand all that.

So yesterday I did what any hormonal girl would do.  I rode this for a few hours:

Roxy, The Harley Sportster

I went into work early, put in 4 hours and went home.  Pete and I got on the bikes and rode for about 200 miles.  Wind blowing through my hair (which I regretted this morning trying to comb out snarls in the shower).  Sun on my face.  Stevie Ray Vaughn, Johnnie Lang, Santana, Johnny Cash, Bon Jovi, Doobie Brothers, the Eagles and Bob Segar playing through my speakers.  Lush green grass, blowing trees, noisy cars, other bikes, flowers in front yards and lilac bushes blooming.  I took it all in.  And I Breathed.  Deeply.  And amazingly all my stress and worry and frustrations were forgotten.

Me; After riding, happy...windblown and sunburned.
So my therapy is my motorcycle. 

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