Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mid Week With Pete

Pete had his band tightened last Friday.  He's up to 9.5cc out of a possible 11cc.

He experienced his first issue on Saturday.  We were at a motorcycle club event and lunch was served.  He went through the line first and loaded up on potato chips, beans and took 2 brats.  This is what he would have eaten last summer and had no problems.  Instead he got about 1/2 of the first brat down and had to get up, go outside and walk around.

When I went out to see him, he said that he was overly full and it hurt.  He admitted that his eyes are still thinking that he weighs over 300 and he needs to retrain them.  So this is where the band comes in.  He understands that the cues it's been giving him are indicating that it really DOES work.  He spent a while walking around Saturday and didn't eat much the rest of the day.

Sunday I made really moist chicken and veg for dinner.  He ate slowly, chewed well and stopped at about half of what he would have otherwise eaten.  No problems.  His plan is to take half of what he would have taken before, eat that and evaluate where he is at.

The band is working!  And he's down to 238.

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