Monday, May 16, 2011

I hated every minute

Pete helped me make sure that I got up this morning for the gym.  We headed there in a sleepy fog and picked out treadmills next to each other. 

I walked, ran, jogged for 40 minutes and I HATED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.


I know it will get better again and I'll look forward to the gym, but for now I really dislike it. 

The only good thing - I realized that I don't need to go from walking to running.  I know that this is going to sound stupid...  When I started with my trainer I had been fast walking on the treadmill at about 3.5/3.6 for 40 to 60 minutes.  She developed a plan for me to use slow walking to warm up, fast walking and then running at a 5.  So from then on I'd walk fast at 3.6 and then put one minute of running at a 5 in here several times in the 30-60 minutes I was on the treadmill. 

Last week it occurred to be that I didn't need to go from walking to full out running.  I could jog.  This was such a revelation to me.  Silly as it sounds, it never occurred to me to not go from walking to full out run like someone was chasing me.  I can walk at at 3.5, jog at about 4/4.1 and run at a 5.  This is what I am hanging onto.  The fact that I can put a 1 minute full out run in but also 2-3 minutes of jogging also. 

I hope the hate disappears soon.

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  1. I hated running, too. And you'll get better with more practice. The first mile I ran was at a 4.0. It's okay to hate running, it's just not okay to give up.