Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mid Week With Pete (the late edition)

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was having a right brain migraine and computering wasn't a good thing.

Pete is doing good.  He has lost 17 pounds in the last week.  Consider this though:  he had lots of fluids in his tissues from the IV during and after surgery and he's been on a liquid diet for over a week. 

Sunday was a bad day for him mentally.  He was having pain and thought it was from the surgery.  However, we figured out that he is allergic to the adhesive for the bandages and tapes.  It was actually his skin that was hurting him.  Once he took the tape off he felt better.  Prior to that he either had to take the narcotic pains meds from the doctor that made him tired and sleepy or chewable children's Tylenol.  Neither of them taste very good and when you're trying to take water slowly, it leaves the taste in your mouth.  He said "If I had known that I'd have to do this I wouldn't have had the surgery."  Now do I think that he was honestly saying that it wasn't worth it?  No.  I think that he had a moment of depression about his current state and it came out at that time. 

He's been going to the gym with me and walking 30-40 minutes on the treadmill.  He got approval yesterday to do more running, but still no lifting over 20 pounds and no pushing/pulling.  He's doing pretty good with that, but is frustrated that he lost some of his cardio and that he can't lift weights yet.  He's also frustrated because he's losing the weight differently.  He's losing in his legs, arms, face...but his middle is staying the same.  I think that some of that is from the surgery and it will go down.  I also think that he's just losing differently and will need to work on his midsection with weights in the future.

He sees the doctor again in 3 weeks and they'll do their first fill.  He sees the nutritionist next week to go over food choices and amounts.  In the mean time this made him really happy yesterday:

The "kids" are home from winter storage.  He's probably sitting on his right now in the garage, just thinking about riding.  He can't ride though for at least 2 weeks because of the weight restriction.  His "Siren" is pretty heavy to get up off the kickstand and over his 20 pound weight limit.

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  1. Ice chips might be a good idea. They would numb his mouth and help eliminate the bad taste. Glad ge is able to be up and walking!!