Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mid Week With Pete

Pete's down over 40 pounds.  I think the last time he said 43 pounds.  He does something different than I do with goal setting and maybe I need to take a page from him.  His goal is to lose 10 pounds.  Always 10 pounds.  Once he loses it, he congratulates himself and sets a new goal to lose 10 pounds.  Yes, he has a bigger number in his head, but the 10 pounds seems very doable in the short term and something that he can manage.  His goal was to lose 50 pounds by the time he had his surgery.  It's way more than the 13 pounds they asked him to lose to qualify.

He won't get to 50 pounds though.  He has rubbed the back of one of his ankles raw with bad socks and too long of a workout.  So since last Friday he's been unable to work out.  Just wearing socks with his big snow boots and snowblowing caused the patch to rub off the scab and bleed again.

He also won't get there because his surgery is scheduled for 3/9/11.  How appropriate that it's on a Wednesday since that's when I post his updates here!  I know he's a little freaked out about the whole thing now.  Almost as if he never thought he'd get to this point.  But he'll get through it and then we'll both be off to figuring out his new "normal" afterwards.


  1. What is his surgery for? And, bandaid makes some awesome "blister" products that might protect his leg. :)

  2. He's having a LapBand placed for weight loss.