Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The unexpected

I did something today that I don't normally do.  I weighed myself mid week.  I don't know why.  Maybe it was to see if I was all out of whack with eating.  Maybe it was to convince myself that I don't need to work out to maintain.  Maybe it was to reinforce that I really do need to work out.  Maybe it was to see if the loss that I've had was just a fluke.  I don't really know why I did it.

At any rate, I'm 236.  Not bad.  But I can't help but wonder again what that number would be if I had been working out this whole time.

I've had some other unexpected things - taxes for one.  Instead of a hefty return (yes I know it's bad to do this, but it works for us) we're paying in this year due to a settlement from the Army for Pete's Dad that we received last year.  We had planned for it partially, but didn't take into account that it put us up into the next tax bracket. 

So if you have some spare good thoughts, prayers or whatever you do, could you send them Pete's way?  He's still unemployed and job seeking is getting hard for him.  This is the 3rd unemployment since 2007 and it's wearing on us both.  He is frustrated about not being able to find a job and actually feels better when he's working.  I'm frustrated and anxious about him not having a job and trying not to put that on him.

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  1. I weigh myself everyday, because my weight really does fluxuate, a lot, during the week. Also - I work in hr and do the hiring at my job - I know how bad the job market is!!!