Thursday, February 24, 2011

I need to address some things...

I want to address some things here. Jen over at Prior Fat Girl talked last week about the FDA and the requirements for Lap Band Surgery being lowered. It seems like I can't turn anywhere lately without seeing Lap Band since Pete starting going through it.

Lap Band is a tool. It's a choice.

I've seen many false things written about the Lap Band process. Some is likely because of misinformation the person was provided. Some is likely not knowing the whole story. And the last is likely a fear of it.

Pete's process (as you can read if you click on the Mid Week With Pete Tag) was quite intense. He's been thinking about this for 2 years while trying to lose weight in all manners of ways. Actually he's been trying to lose weight his whole adult life. He first went to his regular doctor and sought his advice. He went to see a doctor at the surgery center. Then he went to an information seminar (much like Jen talked about in her blog). Then he signed up to go back to the surgeon for an hour + appointment to discuss this and what it would take to qualify. Then a sleep study. Lose 13 pounds to show dedication & for a safer surgery. Meeting with a nutritionist. Meeting with a psychologist for a psych eval & approval (4 appointments). Weekly phone in counseling with the health insurance company with tasks to complete. Then another appointment with the surgeon to discuss it all and determine if it was still something he wanted.  Then getting the insurance's approval.

It's never been easy or simple. Ever. It's never been a decision that was made at the spur of a moment. It's never been a quick thing. He understands that this is a lifetime change. He hopes that other people understand it too. But if they don't, that's ok. Because it's his journey, not theirs.

Yes, he has lost 40+ pounds in 90 days, so he can lose weight. Why have the surgery then? Because the way that he can lose weight is not sustainable for him. It's 1000 calories burned by running/walking over several hours every. single. day. It's eating 1 cup of Cheerios and 1 cup of milk for breakfast and lunch every. single. day. It's beating himself up if he can't get to 1000 calories when he works out, even if he's sick or has hurt feet or has a migraine. It's beating himself up if he has eggs for breakfast instead of that cereal. It's beating himself up if we're out of town and he's unable to get his workout in. It's beating himself up if he has too many calories at dinner.  So his pattern of losing 70/80 pounds in 6 months, then gaining it back and repeating that a year later is taking a toll on his body. His high blood pressure is taking a toll on his body, even with medicine. And the mental damage of losing and gaining is taking a toll on everything.

So to my trainer, who keeps telling me and him that he shouldn't do the surgery because she can get him on track...To some of my family who thinks that it's too drastic and he should just keep friends and others who think that it's the easy way out... It's his journey. It's his decision.


  1. My mom had the lap band surgery done just about 10 months ago. Its the best thing she has done for her self. Like you said it wasn't a spur of the moment thing and she put alot of thought into it. She still has to work hard to lose the weight, but it is a tool to help her. I have never had a problem with her doing the surgery, because I know how long she has suffered and how hard she has tried for years and years on end and nothing seemed to help her. At this time she has lost a fair amount of weight in 10 months and still has a ways to go, but I am proud of her for doing it and understanding that you still have to watch what you eat and still have to exercise, cause if not that weight will be put back on and you can do even more harm to yourself then. I hope you and Pete, that if he is going through it, to have the strength to push past the negativity some have for this situation and keep strong! Good luck with your(his) choices!

  2. I have bounced back and forth on the lapband. I once considered it, and my mother was turned down after the initial psych evaluation. It's not a quick fix, and is as drastic a thing as you can do to get healthy.

    There are many of us who really do need it, and I give all the kudos possible to Pete for going though with it, for sticking to the plan set forth by the docs prior to surgery, and for realizing that he needed to make a change.

    The guy on heavy this week was a ringing endorsement for lots of us. The trainer told him "You know how to lose weight, but you don't know shit about how to keep it off." Lapband can help with that if you use it as the tool the docs intended.

    I love the pete updates, it always gives me a tiny glimpse into what might be going on in my wifes head. thanks michelle

  3. I agree, it's totally a personal choice, and the best thing you can do is seek information, as much as you can, and make the very best decision FOR YOU.b