Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Mid Week With Pete

Pete's down over 30 pounds 32 pounds!  His goal is 40 pounds before the surgery.

I have to tell you that my trainer thought he was a wimp.  Really.  He'd come in with me to the gym at 5am and do about 20 minutes of weights and then do this shoulder machine that is geared for people who have to learn how to live with a wheelchair.  I've seen it in rehab centers for shoulder injuries.  Anyway, she thought it was a wimp because that's all that she saw him do.

Then he told her (as I had previously) that he goes home and does an hour on our treadmill.  4-6 miles in a n hour.  She no longer thinks that he is a wimp.

He has the 2nd of 4 appointments with the psychologist for the behavioral assessment for the surgery this week.  He has to take the MMPI and then the next appointment is a follow up interview from the test.  The last appointment is the final summarizing appointment.

The sleep doctor appointment was late last week.  The doctor told him that he has mild-moderate sleep apnea on his back.  If he was a back sleeper, he would need a machine.  However, as the doctor pointed out, the study tech had to keep asking Pete to turn on his back when sleeping.  So it's not an issue.  In fact, it's likely that it would all clear up after he loses the weight from the surgery.

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  1. My husband had his tonsils, uvula and soft pallet removed. His sleeping has vastly improved after losing 50 lbs!!! It's amazing how our bodies can change like that!!!