Friday, February 04, 2011


On 10/23/10 I went to the first Prior Fat Girl Event.  At the end of the event I was inspired, but still a bit reluctant to let my inner self get too excited.  At the end Jen had us write letters to ourselves.  She said she'd mail the letters out sometime in the future. 

My letter came yesterday and this is what it said:

Dear Self,
You deserve to be happy, wherever you are in your journey.
You should be working out to feel good, if for no other reason.  You deserve to eat well, even if it costs more.  You deserve to experience your journey as yours and no one elses.  You deserve to put yourself first - don't worry about others. 
You deserve to be you.  You now, you later and you past.
Remember your journey.  Remember your goals of 70 pounds by 2/1/11.
You can do it.


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  1. Wow! Great letter! Often times we give our selves the best advice and the best pep talks!

    And what a great idea, Jen!