Friday, February 04, 2011


I don't know whether to be defeated or more motivated.  I think I'm choosing motivated.  240 on the scale today.  It may be because I indulged on a tiny kid sized can of root beet last night or it just may be that I gained weight.  Who knows?

I do know that the journal thing isn't going to work if I don't have it with me.  So I put it in my purse and I'm trying it out today.  I created a menu & shopping list in it this morning.  If nothing else, it's allowing me to plan for the grocery store this time, rather than punt (get the Superbowl reference?) once I get there.  I didn't shop last week in an effort to clean out the cupboards & fridge.  I miss fresh veggies!  Oh how I miss them.  I'm super excited to hit up Costco & Trader Joes on my way home from work today.

Have I told you all about my calf?  It's the latest in a long string of things that seem to be roadblocks in the journey that I'm on.  I injured, pulled, hurt my right calf 2 weeks ago while working out with the trainer.  Initially I thought it was just sore, but the soreness hasn't gone away.  I've tried to run.  Oh how I have tried to run.  But it hurts.  I can fast walk with little pain, but the elliptical and stair stepper and the running are no good.  I did kettlebells this mornings and it was ok, other than not being able to do the burpies. 

It's a journey, right?  And I'm validated by knowing that it's MY JOURNEY.  I just keep plugging along because that's what I do.  Stopping is not an option and sooner or later I will get there.


  1. A few weeks ago, I posted a quote, that was like, "on the road to success, there are many appealing parking places", it was a reminder to not quit, and you seem to have the right ideas about motivation!!! Keep up the great work!!

  2. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I think you chose the right option! Motivated!! You never know what can be making the scale say those numbers... but you can keep trying every day to get them to change!! :)