Sunday, February 27, 2011

The best laid plans

Will end up changed for one reason or another.  I had plans 2 weeks ago to go back to the gym.  Only I was coughing up a lung.  I had plans to go back to the gym last week.  Only I couldn't hear out of my left ear and I couldn't figure out how to balance myself, oh and I was still coughing up a lung.

So here I sit.  Sunday again and I have plans.  And I can sometime hear out of my left ear and my lung appears to be staying in my chest for now.  So back to my plan...

I keep seeing bloggers who have calendars.  Ann from Twelve in Twelve and Jen from Prior Fat Girl both have shown calendars in the last couple of months.  So I think my plan is to calendar my workouts for the month of March.  I'm done with my training sessions so I don't have the push of a trainer.  I want so badly to get on track with a couch to 5K plan.  And after thinking about this for the last week, I think it's a strategy I need to try.

So I'll get together a calendar for March and then take a picture and post it here for some accountability. (you all can help me with this - right?)

And I'm challenging myself again.  I only got to 4/7 kettelbell classes because of the great influenza debacle of February 2011.  Have you ever heard of this:  TRX Training?  The Y is offering a session of it starting this week and I think I need to find a way to work this into my workouts.  I think one day of this, one day of a past workout from my trainer and then 3-4 days of cardio? 

Anyway, this is what's in my head.  Good idea?  Bad idea?  Suggestions?

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  1. Love the calendar. It's such an awesome way to make sure I hold myself accountable to working out. That said - you need to work towards a goal! If you are doing the Couch 2 5k plan, why not sign up for a 5k? There are TONS of 5ks hosted every month, just google "5k 2011 calendar" and see what comes up - also has a TON of races listed! DO IT!! :)