Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mid Week With Pete

Sunday morning when we got up Pete sat on the bed and asked me a question.  He said that he hated doing this, but needed some help.  I was unsure what he was going to say and in the end he asked me to dish up his plate for meals we ate at home.  I have to admit I was conflicted, but agreed to do so.

After seeing the nutritionist for this surgery he came home with something like this plate.  I suggested then that he use it.  He was resistive.  I think it was more about laziness.  However, after our conversation this weekend I no longer think that.

Pete struggles with the same thing that I do.  His need for a clean plate and not to waste food.  I'm much better about this when we eat out - I hardly ever finish everything on my plate.  At home I still struggle with this.  One way that I get around it is that Pete always has me dish up first.  He almost always takes the left over food.  For a while I was dishing up a portion of each item for me to take for lunch the next day, but recently that has been sporadic.  By default, Pete is the one who sees the left over food and thinks that it's 'just a little more' and that he needs to take it so food doesn't go to waste.  Maybe a better solution is me dishing up that portion for work the next day and Pete dishing up his portion next?

So for Sunday dinner and Monday dinner I did a couple of things.  I either dished up his plate or I only left what would be a portion for him so that he didn't have to worry about leaving things.  I'm hoping that he can work with the second way because I feel somewhat like a parent to him dishing up his plate.

In good news, he is done with the calls for the insurance company.  They will send their report to the doctor.  Now he meets with the sleep study doctor and with the psychologist this week.  He's getting closer.

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