Friday, December 03, 2010

Food allergies

Do you have any?

I do.  It took me an embassingly bad experience with a quart of chocolate milk at work about 10 years ago for me to realize that milk + me = bad bad bad things.  Lesson learned and I haven't had milk since then.  Oh I still ate cheese and ice cream and other dairy with no issues.  Then I started to expereince some of the same issues (much less intensity) with those things.  I try to limit ice cream to a scoop here and there.  I LOVE cheese though and have a hard time giving it up.  I love greek yogurt and as long as I eat good stuff like Trader Joes or Fage, I'm ok.

Lately though, I'm experiencing gastrointestinal issues at other times.  Like, uh, daily.  I can live with it.  But, uh, well, Pete?  He's not so fond of it.  (gosh, how embarassing is this conversation we're having?)

Which leads me to wonder if I should be trying to elimiate certain foods and see if there are any ah good things happening?  My concern is that thinking about doing this is so overwhelming.  How and where do I start?

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