Thursday, November 18, 2010

Still sore & don't freak out

So it's now Thursday and I'm still sore from Tuesday.  I think this time the soreness is from the foam roller shw used too agressivly on my right leg.  The rest of the soreness is something that I expect.  I'm hoping to be ok by tomorrow or so I can work out again on my own. 

Saturday Pete and I are having photos taken.  I wanted pictures of us that are good and not in wedding attire.  After I scheduled them I realized that this would be a good before & after and that we should re-do them this time next year to see where we are at. 

Don't freak out, ok?  I added a bunch of recipes to my recipe blog Adventures in Everyday Food today.  They're all Thanksgiving Day recipes that I'm making.  I say don't freak out because I'm not eating them all! 

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