Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recipe Swap - Cranberry Orange Oatmeal

I love Caribou Coffee's Cranberry Orange Oatmeal. When I say love, I mean LOVE. As in I normally don't like cranberries, but this stuff is awesome.

Only I don't eat it very often. Probably because I instinctively know that while the oatmeal part is healthy, the rest is not.

Calories: 274 (not bad)
Calories from Fat: 30
Total Fat: 3.5 grams
Sodium: 200mg
Total Carbs: 87g (OUCH!)
Fiber: 8g
Sugars: 38g (OUCH!)
Protien: 15 grams (good!)

See? I knew it would be bad. That's 5 servings of carbs in one sitting. And while it fills me up, I think I can do better.

Better Oats has a line of oatmeal that is lighter in carbs and still filling & tasts great.

Better Oats:
Calories: 100
Calories from Fat: 20
Total Fat: 2g
Sodium: 220mg
Total Cabs: 18g (yes!)
Fiber: 3g
Sugars: 0g (YES!)
Protien: 4g

1/3 cup Dried Cranberries:
Calories: 130
Fat: 0g
Carbs: 32g
Fiber: 1g
Sugars: 25g
Protein: 0g

1 T Orange Marmalde
Calories: 49
Fat: 0
Carbs: 13g
Sugars: 12g

So I made my version of the oatmeal today. It's similar, but not quite the same. The intense orage & cranberry flavors from the Caribou aren't the same. But it's something that I can live with. I ended up adding less cranberries and lettering them plump while the oatmeal was cooking. Then adding the marmalde.

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  1. I avoid Caribou because the latte I love is way too many calories! I'm going to give your version of this a try!