Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A-List maker

Get it? A List? As in, a famous person? Bad joke? Ok, sorry.

I am a total list maker, planner, organizer (only don't look in my extra bedroom currently, ok?) As I said, a list maker. It's about a week before vacation currently and I have several lists going.

Packing list
Things to Do list
Things to Buy list
Packages That Should Be Arriving list

See, I told you. Lists.

I often wonder how other people pack for vacation. Because packing, to me, is a very involved process. I sit down and figure out how many days I'm going to be gone, the weather where I'm going, how may outfits I'll need, how many pairs of shoes I'll need and that's just clothes. Add in things like jewelry, hair care, make up, electronics and other things and you have quite a list.

I started out this time with a list in my head of things to wear about 2 weeks ago. Then Pete crushed my list by reminding me that it's still SUMMER where we are going, not FALL. Whew? Good thing I started the process so soon. I had to scrap my mental list and start over. So a couple of weeks ago I started making a mental list of days and how many outfits I'd need. Then when I'd be looking in my closet for clothes to wear each day I'd make a mental list of the things in the closet that were possibilties. Then I went shopping. *peeks out behind hands* Yep, shopping. I shopped online and in person for a few things to supplement my outfits. Then yesterday I made a real pen and paper list. Last night I started pulling things out of my closet to add to the suitcase pile on the bed.

Now a couple of things. First, I decided a while ago (after looking at other people's travel pictures) that I wasn't going to be jeans and Tshirt all vacation. I'd throw in capri's, knit tops, bouses, khaki pants and sandals. And for good measure I'd throw in a dress for our anniversary dinner. I'm hoping to talk Pete into the same by having him bring polo shirts instead of Harley shirts. We'll see.

The other thing is that this pile of clothes on the bed? It will change. My list making process will continue in the next week, both in my head and on paper. I'll edit it several times. In the end I know that the best part is the final part. Marking things off the list as they go into the suitcase.

Ahhh, the sweet sound of list making...

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