Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A lesson to remember

Do you remember sitting at the kitchen table as a kid and being told to finish your dinner? I do. Do you remember wanting to skip dinner to go out with friends and being told no? I do. Do you remember being told that you need to finish whatever you take from the fridge? I do.

I think that it's created a person inside me that feels like they need to finish whatever I'm eating, no matter if I'm FULL or I don't necessarily like it. In reality I DON'T have to.

What a powerful statement. How freeing.

Now if only I could get myself to remember it. Today I had a cup of soup and a wrap from a restaurant. The soup was wonderful on this rainy fall day. The wrap? Not so good. The wrap was stale and hard, the insides weren't that flavorful. I ate half, thinking how not good it was. Then I picked up the other half and took a bite. I thought that I'd just eat the insides, but even they were not good.

Then I stopped. I mentally said "I don't have to eat this." So I didn't.

I wish I could get myself to remember that all the time. It's powerful and it's something that I need to practice more often.

On another note, the bad wrap? I lost part of a cracked tooth on it. I leave for vacation in a week. It's a tooth that I can't open wide enough for them to get at. *sigh*

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