Friday, August 20, 2010

The weekend

So keep Pete in your thoughts, because he's crazy.

No really.

He's leaving tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn or before dawn cracks. Either way he is headed to Fort Worth, TX. In one day. As in about 13-14 hours of riding on the motorcycle. Then he'll rest up in the comfy hotel that I found for him for the night (probably more like 6 hours). Whereby he'll get up and ride back to MN on Sunday.

Yes, you read it right. He's completing an IronButt Run. 2000 miles in 48 hours. Crazy. And doing it alone. Even more crazier. Luckily we've thought of ways for me to keep my sanity while he is gone. Like the new Facebook Places function so he can let me know just where he is at when he stops for gas , without actually having to take time to call me. Like my Dad's birthday surprose dinner on Saturday night to occupy my time. Like the various other things that I scheduled for myself: gym, shopping, groceries, baking, cooking, cleaning...

So if I look a little less hair filled on Monday or a little tired or mental, it's because my husband is crazy.

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