Thursday, April 08, 2010

Yesterday was good

You know how you have days that are just plain good? Well yesterday was one of them. I peeked at the scale at the doctor's office and it told me that my scale at home was on track! I was so excited I think I smiled the whole visit. My doctor was so impressed about the weight loss and encouraged me to keep at it. I'll take all the encouragement I can get. I feed off of it right now.

Then Pete and I went t American Burger Bar for dinner. I had the turkey burger with swiss cheese on a cibatta bun and sweet potato fries. I ate the whole burger, but only half the bun. I do that often. I'll cut the buger/sandwich in half and eat one whole half. The second half I'll eat what's inside and leave the rest of the bun. I'd rather have the insides most the time anyway. The sweet potato fries were fried, not baked. So I only had a handful.

Then Bon Jovi. *sigh*

They had very cool screens. It looked like one big screen at times and then they would break it up into sticks, squares or individual cubes. Even Pete was impressed by the show.

Here they are singing kind of unplugged. Jon gave keyboardist David Bryan crap for playing the accordian. It was pretty funny. But they sounded great and it was cool to see them like that.

See? Even Bon Jovi is a MN Vikings fan. Someone in the crowd actually had the shirt made and he took it from the person and wore in during the last songs in the concert.

On a kind of related note. Sometimes I feel like a fraud for not putting a picture of the whole me on here to document where I was, am and will be. So I had Pete take a picture of me. Here goes...

You probably can't tell, but my pants are so loose that I need to keep pulling them up. The waistband falls from my waist to just above my hips all the time. But the next sized down pants that I have are bit tight. So tight that I don't feel comfortable in them. I think they're probably ok, but I'm so used to loose pants that they feel extra tight. That and they are a different style than the pants I've been wearing.

Soon though. Soon.


  1. Wow!! You went and saw Jon Bon Jovi!! How fun was that!!!

    You're doing great and looking great!! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Don't you just love it when you've lost so much weight that you're losing your pants? Best feeling ever :-)