Wednesday, April 07, 2010

All signed up

I did it. I signed up for a free kettlebell class at the Y next week. Have you seen these kettlebells ? I saw them a couple of years ago at Target and made fun of them with Pete in the exercise aisle. I can't wait to see how they use them. Truth be told, I'm a little anxious that I'll look like the big dork in the corner who can't follow a class. But I'm trying, right? And if it works out to be a good exercise, I'll probably get a set of kettlebells to take on the weekend camping trips so that I can work out.

I have to get weighed today. Yearly physical and all. I'm hoping for a good number on the doctor's scale. It's usually different than my scale at home. Maybe it's better? lol

Tonight I get to see my guy. No, not Pete. this guy. Although Pete is reluctantly coming with me. He's doing it because he loves me, not because he loves Bon Jovi. Actually he can't stand one of the new songs that I'm sure they will play. But I love him for loving me enough to go to this concert. I was referred to American Burger Bar for dinner before the show. It looks delicious. Right now I plan on having that turkey burger with a side salador sweet potato fries. But the number on that scale at the doctor's office may change that. If it's really good I'll get a real burger. If it's bad, I'll be getting a salad with all the bad stuff left off.

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