Friday, April 09, 2010

16 pounds and two derringers

As of today I've lost 16 pounds. And I've lost 6 inches in my hips (my most dreaded area!) and 4 inches in my thights (my other dreaded area!). I'm just very happy that I keep loosing. It's my goal. Even though I have not been as vigilent about my nutrition or as intense in my workouts this week.

The best part? I have derringers. You know those tiny 2 shot guns? Lame? It's my attempt at humor to say that someday I'll have guns for arm muscles. I was reaching over to the nightstand last night and niticed that my upper/inside arm muscle flexed and popped out. It shocked me. So I did it again. And again. And when Pete came in the room I did it for him. A couple of times.

I have arm muscles! If it wasn't for the waddle under the arms I'd totally be showing these off to the whole world and wearing tank tops to work. Ok, I'm kidding about the tank tops.

I also got my New Balance 760's from Zappos yesterday and tried them out at the gym this morning. I totally recommend Zappos to anyone ordering shoes. They arrived in 3 days and were about the same price as if I could find them around here. I hope Pete's shoes work for him. I'm seriously considering ordering a second pair and using one in the gym and one when I walk outside all summer. We'll see.

Happy weekend!

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