Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ring Around the Finger

When my husband presented me with my engagement ring in 12/07 I was so very happy. There was some rangling going on between us and he didn't put it on, I put it on me. While the verbal back and forth went on I asked him what size it was and he said at 6.5. My hear sank. I knew that the ring would never fit me. The rings I had previously worn on my ring fingers were 7 or 7.5. But he told me to put it on and the only way to proove that it wouldn't fit (despite him telling me that it would) was to show him.

You know what? It fit. And it was a little loose.

At that time Pete and I had been working out at the gym steadily for about 60 days. I was going 45 minutes on the elliptical and about 20 minutes of weights each time that we went to the gym. The days we didn't go to the gym, I was downstairs on the treadmill jogging for 40 minutes.

That pattern continued through January 2008. I became depressed about my parent's reaction to Pete. I got sick and because I was depressed, I gradually stopped working out. The ring that I had considered getting re-sized smaller, started getting tighter. And tighter.

I really dislike tight rings. I always wear them loose, to the point that they stop at the fatty part of the lower finger, just before the knuckle. Tight rings are like tight necklaces and bracelets. They feel like they're chocking me. And the more time went on, the tighter the rings were. This past winter they were getting so tight that it was uncomfortable to wear them.

I'm happy to say that today, they are back to being loose. To resting on the fatty portion of my finger. To being comfortable. So not only does this set of rings remind me of my love for Pete, my promise to him, but to my promise to myself to continue on my journey.

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