Monday, January 25, 2010

My Booty hurts

Like you really wanted to know that, right? Well it does. And I need to tell someone because I'm sure Pete's tired of me talking about my booty to him. So I'm telling anyone out there who wil listen.

My knee was getting so much better. It was sore and I couldn't really do stairs very well, but it was better. I went to therapy the first time and the exercises felt good. Well, really they hurt. But it was a good hurt, if you know what I mean. The second day I had a new PT. She introduced new exercises and then had to ride the two bikes for about 5 minutes a piece.

By Friday afternoon I could hardly move my leg, it hurt so much. My booty, my back, the outside of my leg, the inside of my leg, my all hurt. It hurt so much that by Friday night I sat in bed and cried. Pete asked if I wanted to go to the ER, but I just wanted it to stop hurting and not have to see a doctor. So I took some pain meds. Only they didn't really make a dent in the pain. And laying there in bed, my muscles were spasming so much. In turn I'd try and flex the muschle spasming to stop the spasm. It didn't work and I didn't get a lot of sleep.

Saturday we had my Grandma's party and I was up walking around A LOT. So by about 6pm Saturday I was in bed again, in such pain that I could have cried again. Only I didn't want to worry Pete.

Yesterday it was better. The muscles are still sore in my leg, but my back is better. My booty is still really sore. I discovered ActivOn Joint and Muscle and I use it. A lot. Liberally. All over my leg and booty. Good think the smell disapates soon after you apply it. It only lasts a couple of hours, but it makes everything feel warm, then cool.

And today it's about the same. Guess what tomorrow is? Therapy day. I'm scared....

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