Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pulled back in

I tried so hard the last couple of years to be me. To do what makes me happy. I thought I had found a balance between family and me. Although my Mom would make comments about me not attending things, I let them roll off my back and went on about my business.

I feel like I'm getting pulled in again. My Mom wants everyone to make more of an effort to go over to see my Grandma more often. To check up on her and spend time with her. I have no issues doing that. Only I know that other people won't do the same. So I'm at that point where I feel like the weight of it all is on me. I need to remember that I do my part and not worry about others. I need to rememeber this. I need to remember to not lose myself in this also.

Just now, I realized that it also worries me about caring for Mom and Dad should the need arise. Will the weight of the care fall onto me?

I need to keep myself in all this. Remember my resolve to make me happy.

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