Monday, April 13, 2009

The familiarities of church

Attended a funeral today. A young woman died in her sleep leaving 2 teen daughters. Our friend/their grandmother, will be raising them. It's not only a huge shock, but a substantial change to everyone's life. And I wish them well.

I keep telling people I the Catholic Church is familiar to me. That I take great comfort in the rites that go along with a Catholic Church service. I was reminded of that today. The standing, sitting and kneeling got to everyone else. Muttering and not understanding when to do what. Only I took comfort in it. It was familiar and gives me peace.

Afterwards Pete and I talked about religion. He asked if I was 'done' being a Catholic and I told him I wasn't. I don't always agree with everything that the Church does, but I still find comfort in it. We talked about attending services and he asked why I didn't. And I told him that it didn't fit into our lives and I didn't always want to go alone. He shocked me by saying that all I had to do was ask. For a long time I thought he may be an athiest. But I realize that he just doesn't fit into one religion. He believes many different things and doesn't conform to one.

I sat and thought about how comforting it was to pray. I know that I can pray anywhere, not just in chuch. But I think I'm going to take Pete up on his offer this weekend and see what happens.

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