Wednesday, January 07, 2009

'Our" Purse

Girls love purses. Well, at least I do. I search for months for the right purse sometimes. I have shoulders that slope down so I need something that I can kind of balance on my shoulder. I just found out that my sister has this also. Anyway, I search for months sometimes. I try on purses at the store. Sometimes I buy them try them at home and then end up bringing them back. It's an addiction I tell you.

Then came Pete. And somehow my purse became "our purse". In it "we" carry lots of things. Extra medication for us, extra goopy stuff for him, candies, camera, money...

In fact it started to get so heavy one summer that I Pete actually did carry it for a bit. Then I started downsizing. I have a beautiful brown leather purse that I love, but it's so big. Bad? Not necessarily. Until "we" start filling it up.

So as I put his extra medication in my purse yesterday I realized that marriage comes with changes. And one of those changes is the advent of "our purse".

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