Friday, December 12, 2008

Journal Your Christmas

Day 12: Christmas Past

Christmas past is a loaded phrase. I think that I associate Christmas past with perfection and I'm always trying to reach that again. Almost as if the past Christmases were my first hits of a drug and I'm always chasing that high again, trying to get the same feeling. It never really comes about. And yet when I look back, Christmases of recent aren't all bad. Just not the same.

Holiday celebrations to me are all about family and familiarity. I think that's why I love the old songs, the old traditions and seek to capture that again. I know that I can't go back to when my Grandpa Jack and Scott were alive, yet I'd love to. Things were good. People were happy, really happy. Now I wonder if the holiday not only brings joy, but sadness to my family as they remember the people that are no longer here.

With Pete I hope to make new traditions that reflect us. That lead to better memories of happy days.

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