Thursday, December 11, 2008

Journal Your Christmas

Day 11: Oh Christmas Tree...

Every year the day after Thanksgiving, we put up our tree. Everyone else was shopping at stores and we would put up the tree. This meant going into the basement and digging it out along with the boxes of ornaments. The tree was always huge. It always had lights a plenty. And various ornaments.

I remember on year there were some new lights on the market. My mom went out and got strings of lights - I think 8 of them! Only they weren't multicolored. So we sat as a family and took all the bulbs out and made our own strings. I'll never forget that. My parent's tree is covered in ornaments that we made as kids and I loved pulling those out each year and rememebering them. There are also ornaments that my mom made when she was first married.

Now I have what Pete calls a Charley Brown tree. It's a slim pine because that's all I have room for. It's not ful, but that's ok with me. It's pre-lit with white lights on it and east to put up. Years ago my grandma Phyllis gave me a bunch of her old Christmas decorations. I treasure them I love them so much. There are old glass balls that are beautiful. There is the santa that Scott made in scouts. There is even a box of materials used to make the felt stockings that my mom made for us. My tree is covered in those glass ornaments. I love the vintage, classic style of them.

I love looking at my tree.

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