Thursday, December 25, 2008

Journal Your Christmas

Day 25: Christmas

I started a new tradition. Well actually we started a few. This year we had advent calendars from Germany. I hope to keep doing that because, well I love chocolate! We decided to open some of our presents to each other on the 23rd. Just as I opened my engagement ring on the 23rd last year. I think it's a wonderful tradition. I made a big Christmas Day breakfast and hope to keep doing that. I also filled Pete's stocking with little toys.

We went to Grandma Laura's house. It was awkward and unfulfilling. I don't know what I expected - calmness or that everyone was there to show some unity. But it wasn't what I had hoped and I doubt that we'll ever do it again.

Then onto Kim's house for our little Christmas. It was so fun to see Alison and Grant open gifts. They are cute and make me smile. I surprised Pete with his gift of garage opener for the Harley. And he surprised me with a diamond necklace.

Until next year...

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