Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Journal Your Christmas

Day 24: Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has always been it's own day. It's the day that we traditionally go to my Mom's parent's house and celebrate. And Santa always came the night of the 23rd so that we had our presents on the 24th. I liked my parents for that!

This year we got up early and went to the gravesites. We put flowers on Pete's parent's grave. The snow way up high and it was cold and windy. But Pete got to the grave and cleared it off. He made shure the flowers were rested on the stone and we stood. I always talk to his parents when we go to the grave. I pray to them, I talk to them and hope that they can hear me. Then we went to my Grandma's grave and placed flowers there also. Again we went through the snow to get there. And I wished her a blessed holiday and told her that I miss her.

We went home and rested before going to my other Grandma's house. Lots of kids and toys and appetizers. It's fun and loud and makes me smile. I made grasshoppers. The drink that my Grandpa made all those years ago. Everyone said how it reminded them of him. And I sent him a silent smile.

Then we went to Daniela's to drop off presents for the kids. Matthew started putting toghether his lego set right away. Alie wanted Pete to play with her.

Then to church with Paster Nordmark. He is leaving the pastoral portion of the chuch soon. It was nice to worship there on Christmas. Calming and a wonderful break from all that goes on at Christmas time.

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