Sunday, December 14, 2008

Journal Your Chirstmas

Day 14: Presents

Giving is better than receiving. Of course as a child, I never thought this was true. As an adult I think I love to see people's faces when they open gifts more than I like opening mine. Although Pete is such a great secret gift giver that it may be exciting this year.

My parents always had Santa give a big gift to Kim and I at Christmas. The other little things were from them. I loved opening my bedroom door on Christmas and seeing what was under the tree. One year it was desks for our bedrooms and we thought we were cool! Another it was cross country skis and as a family we spent many years skiing. Yet another was small tv's for our bedrooms. Do you know that I still have the TV? It's one that you have to tune the channels in, but it works.

One year we knew just about everything that we were getting because we found the presents. However, it wasn't a very fun year. I think that's why presents haven't held much fun for me lately. Either I'm asking for osmething that I get or my Mom is telling me what she is getting me. It's not much fun to open something that you know that you're getting.

Pete has a whole different philosophy on presents. He believes that the giver gives what they want the receiver to have. So I never ask for anything. And I have to say that he is a wonderful listener throughout the year. He surprises me with things that I've asked for months ago. I can't wait to see what is in the boxes under the tree!

Last year was special. Last year on 12/23/07 I opened my present from Pete and found an engagment ring. I must have smiled a mile wide. I was tired from wrapping presents and hadn't showered, but the ring made my night. I remember staring at it and thinking that it was the best gift ever.

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