Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Up and Down

Sometimes life seems like a rollercoaster. There are periods that are flat, and well, nice. Then there are periods that you go up and up and up and just know that there is a downward slope coming up.

The good:
We got our new Sleep Number bed yesterday. It's very comfortable. Once I get used to the warmth that it holds in, I think that I'll love it. For now, I need to get used to the warmth and figure out what my number is.

The good:
I think I have Pete convicnced to switch to ATT for cell and get iphones. Being the techie that he is I knew that he would love them as soon as he picked one up - and he did.

The bad:
Pete's mouth surgery is Monday. He won't get FLMA and is struggling to see if he will get STD. The issue isn't so much that he is disabled, but that he won't have teeth for almost a month. It's a huge blow to someone to walk around with no teeth and I'm guessing that it will cause issues with speech.

The bad:
Pete hates his job. He hates the 2 hour commute each day. He hates his coworker. He doesn't feel like the company is using his full potenital and feels stuck. He wants to quit. That makes me somewhat fearful. Wondering how long it would take him to get another job.

But, the best part in all this? You take the good with the bad. They seem to equal out in the end. The bad makes me appreciate the good all that much more. And I have Pete by my side in it all.

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