Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quicky Trip

Us on Catalina Island

The famous Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

NBC Studios where Leno films and Warner Brothers. All in Burbank.

Us in front of the Bonanza characters at the Wax Museam.

Rainbow Bar where we had dinner. It's famous for so many stars frequenting it.

Catalina Island Airport. This was a stop on the bus tour on the island.

Glass bottom boat tour. Pretty at first, but a littel boring by the middle.

Pete loved this boat.

LA in less than 48 hours:
Fly in Friday and arrive about 10:30am.
Get rental car & check into hotel.
Go out to Kathy's daughter's apartment in Burbank. Drive on the 405 & 101 in a convertable. Pass major hollywood studios and photography studios.
Go to downtown Burbank and walk around.
Go to Hollywood and see the Kodak Theater, a couple of museams and walk around.
Have dinner at Rainbow Bar.
Sleep...only briefly.
Wake before dawn to get to the marina for the Catalina Island ferry.
Take ferry and arrive in cool Catalina.
Eat breakfast & walk around.
Take island bus tour.
Take glass bottom boat tour.
Eat mexican on the island.
Return to the apartment.
Go to daughter's birthday party.
Go to hotel & sleep.
Get up...again before dawn...and get to airport to head home.

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